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Boots & SaddlesArtist Name
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Cotton TopArtist Name
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The Next Big ThingArtist Name
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Tears Like RainArtist Name
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The Trembling BirdArtist Name
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Long Way From Thunder RoadArtist Name
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The Silver Tongue of AcadieArtist Name
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The Gold I Threw AwayArtist Name
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Road To CaliforniaArtist Name
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Boots front cover 5 (1 of 1).jpg

A retrospective of some country tinged music I have released over the last few years. 

Most of the tunes were produced by Ian Tamblyn so there is a consistency of sound here and a chance for you to catch up on what I have been doing this century.


Free to audition.


Musicians include: John P. Allen, Phil Bova jr., David Essig, Keith Glass, Peter Grant, Anouk Gregoire, Jeffra, Ken Kanwisher, Tom Leighton, Pat Maher, Alan Marsden, Paul Mills, Alvero de Minaya, Joe Phillips, Todd Phillips, Ivan Rosenberg, James Stephens, Ian Tamblyn, Bob Webb, Joe Weed.


All songs by Doug McArthur, SOCAN

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