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I am not Irish...

This is not a collection of Irish songs, but a collection of songs ABOUT Ireland.


I started visiting Ireland five summers ago and now it has become my yearly vacation. 


I usually take a bicycle tour along the West Coast of Clare, Galway City and  Connemara mixed in with hikes and visits to Mayo, Dublin, Wicklow, Aran Islands and the Dingle Peninsula.


It is my nature to absorb the history of places I visit and it is also my nature to translate that found fabric into songs and poetry.


When I lived in San Francisco I created the song cycle “Angels of the Mission Trail” in conjunction with my musical partner Jeffra, a native Californian. 


Reaction was very positive: “Congratulations to the two of you (Doug & Jeffra) for doing so much for the history and heritage of California." (Kevin Starr; State Librarian of California)


So here is “The Horses of the Sea” - mystery tales of the Tain Bo Coulange - Cú Chulainn, Maud Gonne, revolution and revelation - a personal exploration of that friendly emerald mountain eternally awash in the northern ocean.


All songs by Doug McArthur unless noted.   

“The Lake Isle of Innisfree” by W. B. Yeats.

A note on pronunciation of "Cú Chulainn".

This is variable according to translation and regional pronunciations.

I tried to take a middle road.


Piano: Jeffra  (Letter to Marie)    Whistle & Accordion: Tom Leighton

Bass: Pat Maher (The Morning I Left Galway)         Recorded at Wakefield Sound & Light

except Letter To Marie originally engineered by Dan Brodbeck


Thanks to  John Heagney Cycle Holidays Ireland

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